Top Ten Ways Faculty and Staff Can Get Involved

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Research indicates that faculty and staff can be positive or negative influences on a student’s decisions regarding substance use.  To be a positive influence, consider adopting one or more of these strategies in relation to the “Be One” campaign:

  1. Incorporate one of the “Be One” messages into your campus email signature.
  2. Request a “Be One” poster or magnet from the MTSU Health Promotion office (, and display it where students will see it.
  3. Be conscious of any behavior changes in your students.  Make referrals to Health Services or to Counseling Services if you are concerned.
  4. Be aware of your language.  What you say and don’t say can impact student opinions of campus culture (e.g., “I know you’re all going out to party this weekend, so I know better than to schedule a quiz for Monday.”).
  5. Apply student experiences to the concepts and theories of your lectures (e.g., effects of alcohol or tobacco on respiration in a biology course).
  6. Contribute to the research by encouraging students to study health and social issues, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors.
  7. Integrate course projects that challenge students to evaluate and improve their own health.
  8. Make a commitment to understand the MTSU drug and alcohol culture and learn what is “normal” for MTSU students.  “Normal” might not be what you think.
  9. Integrate discussions about the MTSU drug and alcohol culture in your classes and organizations.
  10. Promote alcohol-free events on and off campus.  Be familiar with them through the events calendar at

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